Industrial Building Maastricht
This Page is like a growing collection of images of architecture. The majority of the pictures shows modern or contemporary buildings.
Most of the images were made when travalling abroad or in Switzerland. All the images are non-professional photographs of varying quality.
Some of the images are merely snapshots, others are more elaborate and try to show the buildings in their context or emphasize intrinsic qualities.
Archipicture has no ambition of professionality or completeness. It's like a private album made public since a growing number of friends
showed interest in those pictures.

Most of the pictures show contemporary or modern buildings, which of course is in debt to my personal interests. As i've no interest in creating a dogmatic page,
there are also exceptional buildings in classicistic style, and there is even a section of historic and anonymous buildings. All in all,
the buildings represented on photographs are not rated. For sure i like to show the buildings which pleased most to me, but i don't hide buildings i didn't like as much.

The main menu tries to give a basic navigation, ordering the pictures by the names of architects, the nationality and the building location.
So the page wants to be useful as some kind of architectural guide to selected places, as well as an (personal) inventory of buildings.
If you are a regular visitor to this page, you can follow the changements to the page in the section news.