Baumschlager Eberle - Austria
Office Building 2226
Millennium Park 20, Lustenau

As a consequence of the contemporary tendencies, buildings need less and less energy, but this reduction results in growing expenses for maintenance and service.
This building, built by Baumschlager Eberle as their own office, does not require heating, ventilation and cooling. The energy flows shows the human interventions.
This energetically innovative office building is a house made of stone, with ordinary walls and doors and with rooms having high ceilings.
The embodied energy for the construction of this building is particularly low. The experience
in constructive and energetic measures of 27 years architectural practice are reflected in this building.
The exterior walls are made as double-shell construction. The two layers consist of 36 cm brick each and are interlinked. The inner layer is structural, with its high compressive strength,
while the outer layer serves as an effective thermal insulation. The deep window reveals, resulting from the thick walls, reduces the heat input.
The ventilation windows,
arranged on the inside of the wall, are controlled via sensors to make the indoor climate comfortable.