Luigi Blau - Austria

Luigi Blau (03.01.1945) studied architecture at the academy of aplied arts in Vienna from 1966 to 1973. He visited the master classes of the well known
architect Ernst A. Plischke. He not only worked as an architect, but also as a furniture and exhibition designer. When still a student, he worked an is first desings
for furniture, buildings and interiors - some of them even realized.

Following the ideas of classical modernisem, Luigi Blau early developed his own formal language - which is still recognizable in his later works. He was influenced
by his teacher Plischke as well as the famous austrian architects Adolf Loos and Josef Frank. Since the 1980s he relaxed his strictly straight and round forms.

Luigi Blau was soon considered to be one of the most important contemporary architects in Austria, and he won numerous competitions. For several years, he was
involved in the project for the so-called Vienna urban furniture. Luigi Blau avoided bigger interventions in the existic urban structure, but tried to reach harmonious
connections between old and new.

1983  House T. - Vienna