Adolf Krischanitz - Austria
Lauder Chabad Campus,
School Building Augarten
Rabbiner Schneeson-Platz, Vienna

The associaton for youth development in austria, togehter with Ronald S. Lauder - the former US ambassador in Vienna,
founder of the new gallery in New York and heir of the cosmetics concern - were the employers for this school building,
which was errected at the edge of the augarten park in Vienna. The augarten school building has an exceptional
position in the Vienna school construction programm, not only because of its donators but also as a consequence
of the clarity and perfection in execution. Already in his "Neue Welt Schule" kindergarten resistend Adolf Krischanitz
to interpret childhood with a superficial cheerfulness. With this school building, Krischanitz realized an convincing school typology.
The Building was finished in the year 1999.