Theophil Hansen - Denmark

Baron Theophil Edvard von Hansen (13.07.1813 – 17.02.1891) was a Danish architect who lived and worked for some time in Vienna. For these reason, he later became an Austrian citizen.
Today he is well known for his buildings and structures in Athens and Vienna. Theophil Hansen is considered an outstanding representative of neoclassicism.

Theophil Hansen studied architecture in Vienna after some training with Karl Friedrich Schinkel. In 1837 he moved to Athens, where he studied architecture and design.
During his stay in Athens he had the possibility do design his first building, the National Observatory of Athens. In 1846 Theophil Hansen was called to Vienna.
Theophil hansen was rather aligned to a quite romantic style in his early works, such as the musem at the Arsenal in Vienna. Later he was regarded as one of the most
outständig representatives of the so-called Viennese-style, a Renaissance-inspired historism. During his time in Vienna, Hansen became one of the most important and
influential architects of the Viennese Ringstrasse. Perhaps his most famous Work is the Austrian Parliament, which he designed in the style of an ancient ne-classical temple.
This design refers to the Greek beginnings of democracy. The famous Musikverein building in Vienna is still today one of the most notable concert halls in the world,
admired for its design and acoustics.

1866  Building Musikverein, Vienna
1871  Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna