Arne Jacobsen - Denmark
Alléhusene Residential Buildings
Jægersborg Allé 185 - 247
Gentofte, Copenhagen

1949 - 1954

Designed by Arne Jacobsen, exterior view of this residential complex in Gentofte, Copenhagen, is characterised by the alternating rhythm of the volumes.
The façade is of an expressive force, without loosing the unity of the whole, resulting in an image-like quality. The use of traditional materials give
this ensemble a character similar to that of the Ibstrupparken I complex. One of the key criterias was the desire to ensure privacy.
This led to a solution with strong fragmentary qualities, which is apparent in the form of the exterior as well as in the layout of the plan. The layout
of the floorplan is based on the division into two bays. The apartments are developed around the horseshoe-shaped staircase and seek the optimum orientation.
Each building volume is broken once, resulting in an enhanced privacy. The complex contains an array of different apartments types. Once there is the living
room on the right, with a bedroom on the left, while this relationship is inverted in other apartments. The buildings exhibit two quite different elevations.
One of them is marked by the large openings of the loggias, while the entrance façade appears rather closed and is plastically articulated.