Arne Jacobsen - Denmark
Bellavista Apartments
Strandvejen 419 - 433, Bellevuevej 1-7
Klampenborg, Copenhagen

1931 - 1934

In this housing scheme, Arne Jacobsen for the first time used a volumetry similar to that of his single family houses for a block of apartments.
Beautifuly located at the beach, the site asked for a project which would incorporate views and sunlight as basic factors of the design.
As an exemplary version of the Danis Modern Movement, this project is part of a larger unified development. The articulated layout
follows in large parts the principles of international functionalism. The residential complex consists of a u-shaped volume, open to the sea,
with staggered fašades. The basic hous typology is repeated, and is recognizable in the mentioned staggering. As a typical feature of Arne Jacobsens
architecture of this time, the flats take benefit of corner windows. The cotrast between the opaque sunlight-reflecting white planes and
the dark glazed surfaces results in an abstract effect.