Arne Jacobsen - Denmark
Housing Block Rødovre
Ved Rådhuset 1-43
Rødovre, Copenhagen

1959 - 1960

The three-storey housing block of small apartments is located immediately behind the library in Rødovre, also designed by Arne Jacobsen.
As a long volume with a design based on repetive elements, it forms a backdrop to the municipal library and the town hall.
On the ground floor are located apartments of a single-storey typology with direct acces from a privet street on the east façade.
Above them are arranged apartments of a duplex layout, which are accessed by the way of a balcony and stairs giving access from the road.
The mentioned access gallery of the duplex apartments at the same time shelters the entrances of the lower units. The structure of the
detached block is made of prefabricated concrete elements. The façade is marked, once again, by a curtain wall of wood.
All linear elements such as window casements are painted white while the infill panels are of gray colour. The metal components such as
balustrades, the balcony and the stairs are painted blue.