Arne Jacobsen - Denmark
Ibstrupparken I
Smakkegårdsvej 215-19,
Ibstrupvænget 1-11 and 2-18
Jægersborg, Copenhagen

1939 - 1941

The exterior of this residential complex, designed by Arne Jacobsen, has some common features with the Jægersborg Allé housing from the year 1939.
The clear differentiation between the two parts of the brick skin and the white galleries is highly characteristic for this design.
The traditional materials, tiles and yellow brick, are emphasized by the rather absract projecting white volumes, which are repeated
to create a continuous rhythm. The projecting volume contains the rooms fo the daytime use. The pitched tiled roof is of a rather
conventional appearance, but it has the effect of making the building seem lower thant it is in fact.
Consisting of a series of blocks with small apartments, the Ibstrupparken I residential complex was later even followed by another
housing scheme, called Ibstrupparken II. Each bay in the floor plan is divided into two halves, and there are four flats at a stair landing.
The circulation core is linked to the kitchens, which ventilate to the exterior, while the bathrooms are grouped together in the middle of the block.