Arne Jacobsen - Denmark
Ibstrupparken II
Smakkegårdsvej 133 - 191, 203- 209
Jægersborg, Copenhagen


This housing scheme by Arne Jacobsen contains mainly small apartments. It is located in the vicinity of another residential complex he built
six years earlier, on his return from exile in Sweden. On the exterior, Arne Jacobsen used the same materials, as in his nearby housing scheme.
But the changed layout of the floor plan, with the reduced built depth and the changed position of the staircase, results in a substantially
altered typology. Without the protruding elements, the buildings appear more conventional. The floor plan of the block is divided in two by a party wall,
although not so strictly as in the previous developments. The staircases generate a rhythm of uniform perpendicular walls.
Next to the services, bedroom and balcony are a set of facilities that alternate with daytime zone. In the end apartments,
the typology is altered, while at the same time the logic of this geometrical order is maintained.