Arne Jacobsen - Denmark
National Bank of Denmark
Havnegade 5, Copenhagen
1966 - 1978

This building is the result of a limited competiton for Danish architects, which was won by Arne Jacobsen. The competition guidlines
aroused a certain opposition. One of the invited architects, Palle Suenson, refused to take part in the competiton, since he considered the
old existing blocks to be of a quality which would be extremely difficult to improve.

The competition design by Arne Jacobsen can be considerd to be the accomplishment which is the distillator of an entire career in one work.
The building was completed after the unexpected death of Arme Jacobsen by his former key employees Hands Dissing and Otto Wietling.
The built project maintains intact nearly all apsects of the competition scheme, with the exception of the entrance. For security reasons, the entrance,
which was originally intended for the north side, had to be moved to the opposit facade. This meant, that the whole building had to be rotatet by 180 degrees.
The trapezoidal lot is completely occupied by a low building, which serves as a base for another higher Building. This concept has been adopted
by Arne Jacobsen already before in several occasions.

The taller block features two types of facades: one is glazed and reflects the surrounding scene in its ever-changing surface, while the other is opaque
and made of black Norwegian marbel. The modulation of the opaque facade is inspired by the old ware houses of the nearby port. The vertical openings
which illuminate the interior, belong to the main characteristics of this modulation. The interior of the building is reached through a somewhat twisting entrance.
Behind the entrance is a great hall with a heigt of 20 m extending the complete building height. In this hall is located the famous staircase, which seems to float in the air
and which can be considered as the only decoration in this space.