Arne Jacobsen - Denmark
Bellevue Bugt. Residential Complex
Strandvejen 415 - 417
Klampenborg, Copenhagen

1960 - 1961

The Bellevue Bugt Residential Complex is a continuation of the earlier Bellavista apartments, designed and built by Arne Jacobsen in the early 1930s.
Composed two clearly differentiated buildings, a four-storey block on a low base and a group of five atrium houses, this development offers different typologies.
The four-storey block is arranged as a series of houses with a building depth of mor than twenty metres, without interior ventilation wells.
In the floor plan, the bedrooms are arranged at the back, the middle part is occupied by the bathrooms, the circulation core and an elongated living area,
which stretches to the fašades with long balconies. The main feature of the living room is a fireplace. On the east fašade are the kitchen and the dining and living room.
This area is slightly raised to offer better views of the ěresund straits. The four-storey block has a clearly horizontal character, resulting fromt he lines of the balconies,
which dominate the building. This construction acts as a backdrop to the complex as a whole.
The atrium houses in front of the four-storey block are laid out in five sections, to ensure a high degree of privacy. The first section contains the access and a garage volume.
Right behind one finds the courtyard, giving access to the house. The bedrooms and the service zones are arranged in the central bay. The fourth band contains the dining room
and another courtyard, while the living area is in the fifth and last sector. This low building is clearly inspired by Arne Jacobsens contribution to the Interbau exhibition in Berlin.