Arne Jacobsen - Denmark
S°holm II
Strandvejen 413, Bellevuekrogen 2-26
Klampenborg, Copenhagen

1949 - 1951

Arne Jacobsen designed and realized a second scheme for a development of row houses, near the famous S°holm I group of houses.
Thes row houses were built a few years after the S°holm I ensemble, later followed even a third scheme. The initial intention behind
this development was to repeat the earlier experience. The studies drawn up for S°holm I served as basis for this complex, which differs
from its predecessor in the orientation and in the number of houses. The repetition of the typology maintains the alignment with the street.
Unhappily, the S°holm II scheme is not able to achieve the same formal equilibrium between type, orientation and group itself as its precedessor.
It is worth noting, that features experimented with in the Yardof house eappeare hiere in the materialization of the planes of the fašade.
The use of brick as main material for the exterior, gives these row houses a common feature with the neighbouring S°holm I.