Arne Jacobsen - Denmark
S°holm III
Bellevuekrogen 1-7
Klampenborg, Copenhagen

1953 - 1954

This row of four single-storey houses, which were built from 1953 to 1954, completed the S°holm residential complex.
The ensemble, consisting of three different designs by Arne Jacobsen, was begun just after World War II. The construction of the last houses
took advantage of the prefabrication techniques, as well as the use of new technologies and materials. Like its two predecessors, S°holm III also
resorts to the repetition of a single typology. The structure is based on two load-bearing brick walls, supporting a lightwight sloping roof.
The fašades between thes supporting, bulhead like brick walls are made in wood and glass. In the interests of privacy, the glazed areas were provided
with a triple layer of glass. As a special feature, the middle pane was slightly angled to create an unusual reflective effect und thus increasing privacy.
The apartment units are positioned according to orientation and views, featuring a small patio area on the south side. The repetition of
the units follows the line of the access street, provoking a stepped volumetric disalignment that exposes part of the structural brick wall.
This layout makes the brick walls to act as a main fašade, although it is party wall at the same time.The acces to the house is by way
of this fašade. The floor plan is divided into two parts by a central hall area. The daytime zone is sited in the south-east, while the bedrooms
are oriented to the north-west.