Arne Jacobsen - Denmark
Texaco Petrol Station
Kystvejen 24, Copenhagen
1936 - 1937

Arne Jacobsen was commissioned with the design and planning of the Texaco and Tempo petrol stations.
Of these two petrol stations only the first was actually built. The Texaco petrol station is located to the north of Copenhagen,
on the main coast road. The simplicity of the project makes it exemplary. Main feature of the building is an inclined concrete canopy,
supported by a single pillar made of reinforced concrete. The canopy is braced by the adjoning simple and rectangular construction,
containing a small workshop and the services. The canopy protrudes above the gas station, but it acts more as a sign that as protection for
the fuel dispenser. Over the petrol pumps, the canopy opens out into an ellipse. Spotlights mounted on the pillar were focused on the underside
of the canopy, giving a magical sensation of lightness comparable to the Stelling Hus at night.