Alvar Aalto - Finland
Alajärvi Public Library
Kirkkotie 7, Alajärvi

Alajärvi is a small village with about 500 citizens, located in the western part of central Finland. Alvar Aalto got the opportunity to design several buildings in this village. It was the intention to errect a communal centre around a famous neo-classic church. The construction of the first stage, consisting of the Town Hall with Parish Facilities and Health Centre, was realized from 1967 to 1969. The inner area of the communal centre is reserved exclusively for pedestrians. All new buildings should be adapted to the environement in order to preserve the rural character of the village. The town hall is clearly identified as the most important building of the centre by its architectonic formulation. The library building was realized only much later, after the death of Alvar Aalto.