Alvar Aalto - Finland
TKK Wood Technology Laboratory
Puumiehenkuja 2A, Espoo (Helsinki)
1962 - 1964

In 1962 Alvar Aalto was asked to design a joint laboratory building for the TKK and VTT laboratories. Originally Alvar Aalto had started already at the beginning of the 1950s to design two separate buildings. The building permission drawings for the combined laboratory were approved in 1964. Some years later an additioal building was designed in 1969 - 1973, which remained unbilt. The realized construction is a long volume, which is divded between two users. On the north-west side is located the one-story TKK Wood Technology Laboratory, while on the nort-west side are to be found the two-storey VTT research laboratories. The building features separate entrances for the VTT and the TKK facilities. The TKK spaces are grouped around a courtyard, layed out on a single floor. The whole building contains laboratories, machine halls, lobbies and offices.