Alvar Aalto - Finland
TKK Energy Technology Laboratory
Lämpömiehenkuja, Espoo (Helsinki)
1959 - 1961

In 1959 Alvar Aalto started with the design for the VTT Energy Technology Laboratory. At this time were located already some constructions where testing was carried out on the site. There were situated constructions such as a boiler plant and a transforming station. The new building became situated between these two constructions. The Energy Technology Laboratory was realized as a long three-storey volume, appearing as a brick building which steps down towards the south. The building is coverd by an asymmetrical pitched roof, with exceptions of the south end, where is to be found a roof terrace. On the facade the windows are arranged in pairs and combined in a strip like arrangement. The horizontal sections between the strips were realized in brick. Even the central corridors were provided with daylight, by the glazings above door height on the corridor walls. It was intended to raise the south section of the building at a later stage, but these intentions were never carried out.