Alvar Aalto - Finland
VTT Fire Technical Laboratory
Kivimiehentie 4, Espoo (Helsinki)
1962 - 1978

Alvar Aalto was commissioned by the National Board of Buildings to design the building for the VTT Fire Technical Laboratory in 1962, approval of the drawings followed one year later. The building complex was realized in three stages, the first of which was finished in 1966. This first stage saw construction of the tall combustion hall, which was built together with a lower two-storey wing containing workrooms and offices, located on its east side. On the exterior the lower parts of the combustion hall were realized with brick-covered prefabricated elements. Vertical windows are arranged above this section. The two-storey section of the building shows fare-faced brick walls and strip windows. The second stage, containing workrooms, laboratories and storage spaces, followed some years later. The design of this stage had started in 1972 whilte the final review of the extension was made in Juli 1977. At the south-west end extension was added a new combustion hall and chimney as part of the third stage. This stage was completed only in 1978 after Alvar Aalto's death. The finished complex appears as an U-shaped volume. During the 1980s and 1990s some alterations were carried out on this building.