Alvar Aalto - Finland
Villa Mairea
Pikkukoivukuja 20, Noormarkku
1937 - 1938

The Villa Mairea in Noormarkku, designed by Alvar Aalto in 1937 - 1938, is considered to be one of the seminal buildings of the 20th century modern architecture. This residence was commissioned by Harry Gullichsen, a progressive industrialist, and his wife Maire, who was active as an art collector. The building was designed for a site on
the Ahlström family estate in Noormarkku, near Pori. The clients explicitly called for a modern building to be designed as an experiment in modern architecture and lifestyle. It was the intention later to apply the knowledge from this experiment in standard housing. The luxury villa is a masterpiece in the oevre of Alvar Aalto, and marks his departure from the main line of modernism towards his unique architectural language. The building is well preserved, and today the ground floor of the building is shown to public on registration.