Alvar Aalto - Finland
Villa Vainola
Väinöntie 4, Alajärvi

  The Villa Vainola from 1926 is a simplified version of the Atrium House. Alvar Aalto designed the Atrium House one year earlier for his brother Väinö, who thought the plan to be too expensive or unusual, so that it was never built in this form. The unrealized design was an important project for Alvar Aalto, featuring is a square courtyard, covered for reasons of climate, in the middle of the cubic building. All rooms of the two storey volume were arranged around the courtyard. The Villa Vainola was adapted to the financial means and taste of the surveyor Väinö Aalto. The atrium disappeared completely, while the room arrangement remained basically unchanged otherwise. The building is realized as a wooden construction with vertical weatherboarding. On the garden side is to be found a high temple-like porch, which is flanked by two columns. Later the building was extended. On one side there was added a room, while on the other side there is to be found a shed which is loosely connected to the main volume.