Erik Bryggman - Finland

Erik William Bryggman (07.02.1891 - 21.12.1955) was one of the earliest representatives of functionalism in Finnish architecture. Bryggman graduated as an architect from the Helsinki University of Technology in 1916. In 1920 Erik Bryggman travelled to Italy, where he became inspired the local vernacular architecture. He then worked in Helsinki for Sigurd Frosterus, Armas Lindgren and Valter Jung before establishing his own office in Turku in 1923.  In 1927 he started to collaborate with architect Alvar Aalto, together they worked on the joint project for the Turku Fair of 1929. When in 1935 Alvar Aalto moved to Helsinki, Erik Bryggman continued to practice on his own.
Erik Bryggman was used to work with a quite small office of 4-5 assistants, and never achieved the fame of his former collaborator Alvar Aalto. Bryggman eagerly participated in architectural competitions, often with success. In his desingns, he was trying to preserve old trees on construction sites as much as possible.

1929  Hospits-Bethel - Turku
1941  Resurrection Chapel - Turku