Dominikus Böhm - Germany

In the year 1896 Dominikus Böhm ( 23.10.1880 - 06.08.1955) inscribed at the Baugewerkschule Augsburg, where he qualified as a "construction engineer" four years later.
In addition to his training at the school, he worked in the construction company of his family, which was run by his brother, since the death of his father.
After graduating Böhm worked in various architectural offices, among others in Augsburg and in Switzerland. He attended lectures by Theodor Fischer at the
Technical University of Stuttgart.
He himself later attributed Theodor Fischer great influence on his own work.

Already as a young architect Dominikus Böhm came into contact with the construction of churches. After the First World war Dominikus Böhm completed his first church,
St.Joseph in Offenbach.
In the following years, Böhm's reputation as a representative of a new movement in the church construction grew steady. In 1924 Rudolf Schwarz entered the office of Dominikus Böhm,
and became an important employee, with whom he formed a lifelong friendship. In 1926 Dominikus Böhm was appointed Professor for Sacred Art at the newly founded Cologne Werkschulen
headed by Richard Riemerschmid. Dominikus Böhm got the opportunity to realize some churches in Cologne and its environement, including the internationally celebrated church St.Engelbert.

In 1928 Dominikus Böhm was commissioned with an ambitious urban development project in the Upper Silesian Hindenburg. In the still very rural village Hindenburg a complete urban infrastructure was to be built. Until 1932 Böhm built among others a nursing home, a bank, several schools, residential and commercial buildings and two churches.
The era of National Socialism from 1933 onwards plunged Dominikus Böhm in a creative crisis. He realized only few buildings during this period. Immediately after the end of World War II Dominikus Böhm returned to the ruins of Cologne. Supported by his son Gottfried, who joined his father's office, Böhm worked on the construction and reconstruction of many churches.

1926            Church Christkönig - Bischofsheim
1927 - 1928  Church Christus-König - Leverkusen
1928 - 1931  Cloister and Church St. Kamillus - Mönchengladbach
1928 - 1932  Caritas Institute - Cologne
1929 - 1933  Church St. Franziskus - Mönchengladbach
1930 - 1932  Church St. Engelbert- Cologne

1931 - 1932  House Dominikus Böhm - Cologne
1951 - 1954  Church Maria Königin - Cologne
1953 - 1955  Church St. Engelbert - Essen
1954 - 1956  Church St. Anna (Reconstruction) - Cologne
1954 - 1956  Church St. Joseph - Cologne