Fritz Mouson - Germany
Waldschmidtstrasse 4, Frankfurt
1925 - 1926

The expressionist Mousonturm (Mouson Tower), with a height of about 34 meters and up to ten floors (including basement), is considered as the first high-rise building in Frankfurt. The imposing brick building is the last remaining building of the former perfume factory J. G. Mouson & Co. The company had been founded in 1798 by August Friedrich Mouson, and was initially located in the old town center of Frankfurt. Under Fritz Mouson the company was relocated in 1881 to the at this time sparsely populated and built east of Frankfurt, and realized a representative industrial facility in collaboration with the architects Geitner, Wollmann and Hirsch. The Mousonturm consists of a nine-story tower in connection with a seven-storey factory annex, which is stepped back on the upper floors. The concrete construction is clad with reddish brick in a decorative bond and stands out by its balanced proportions. Expressionist details like spikes and triangular shapes characterize the unique building. The facades of the factory building is structured by large, time-typical windows with filigree profiles, and the circumferential cornices of each floor. The Mousonturm survived the Second World War almost undamaged. In 1972 the ensemble was sold and four years later the Mousonturm has been declared a national monument, while the remaining buildings of the factory were demolished. Since 1988 the Mousonturm serves as an artists location with theater and production facilities for national and international freelance artists from the fields of dance, theater, performance, music, cabaret, literature and visual arts. In 2012 the auditorium, the foyer and the restaurant areas have been renovated and redesigned.