Schneider + Schumacher - Germany

Schneider + Schumacher is an internationally active, German architectural firm based in Frankfurt, which was founded in 1988 by the architects Till Schneider and Michael Schumacher. Two additional offices were opened as branch offices in Vienna, Austria, and Tianjin, China. Till Schneider studied architecture at the University of Kaiserslautern, the TH Darmstadt and the Frankfurt Städelschule with Sir Peter Cook. After studying architecture at the University of Kaiserslautern and postgraduate studies in the class of Sir Peter Cook at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, Michael Schumacher worked as a freelancer in the architectural firm of Sir Norman Foster in London. Schneider + Schumacher became internationally known with the Infobox at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The box on stilts lacquered in bright red developed a strong local presence and was often mentioned in the media. In October 1995, the info box was opened and dismantled again as planned in January 2001.

2001 - 2003  Westhafen Tower - Frankfurt

2001 - 2003  Westhafen Bridge Building - Frankfurt