Max Taut - Germany

Max Taut (15.5.1884 - 26.02.1967) was a German architect, born in Königsberg, as younger brother of Bruno Taut.
He was a member of several architectural groups, such as the Glass Chain, the November Group and the Zehnerring. Together with Franz Hoffman and his brother Bruno, he formed the architectural firm Taut & Hofmann in Berlin. In 1912 Max Taut had entered the firm, which was founded in 1909. Max Taut was especially known for his office buildings for trade unions during the 1920s. The Deutscher Buchdrucker building and the consumer cooperatives' department store, both in Berlin, are two of his most important buildings, which are today considerd to be modern monuments. From 1922 and 1925 Max Taut had the opportunity to build one house a year on Hiddensee island. Each of these houses differd a lot from the others.

1929 - 1931  Labor Union Building - Frankfurt