Oswald Mathias Ungers - Germany
Residential, Office and Commercial Building
Eschersheimer Landstrasse 42-44 Frankfurt am Main
1989 - 1990

This project by Oswald Mathias Ungers for a Residential, Office and Commercial Building in Frankfurt am Main consists of two blocks, connected by a shared entrance
made completely of glass. The two blocks are arranged along Eschersheimer Landstrasse. The higher of the two parts occupies a corner plot on Firchardstrasse.
The lower, four-story volume of the complex replaces an older structure, which was considered to be worth of preservation. The new cubic building adopts the
roof ridge height of the neighbouring building. The heigher of the two buidling parts (number 44) shows a remarkable double socle. The lower socle is likewise oriented
to the heigt of the lower body. The second socle area corresponds to the roof ridge heigt of the buildings on the Fichardstrasse. The two socle areas, containing the
six-story office and commercial part of the building, are surmounted by an additonal two-story square of apartments. The layout of the complex emphasises the
freestanding character of the tower.
On Eschersheimer Landstrasse, the two building blocks share an entrance in the recessed glass passage in between them. The four-story socle of the ensemble
has a facade of large natural stone panels with staggered joints. On the ground floor large window openings grant accessibility by passers, the following stories
are articulated by a smaller window format. The so-called upper socle of the tower volume is made of brick, while the residential stories on top have a faced
of large square tiles with Ungers typical cross joints.