Richard Rogers - United Kingdom
Stephanstrasse 14 - 16, Frankfurt
1996 - 2001

With the large-scale project, located on the parcel of the former postal check office, Wilhelminian construction destroyed in the mid 1990s, the developers intended to bring back living into the city center. The architectural competition was won by the British architect Lord Richard Rogers. His successful proposal was based on a mixed use of workink and living. In order to avoid harmful interferences, both usages were assigned seperate areas respectively their own buildings and access ways. Large parts of the area are occupied by a six- to eight-storey office building. The inner areas of the comb-shaped building are enlivend by lush green and are connected to four residential blocks located at the Brönnerstrasse. These seven-storey townhouses constitute the eastern part of the living area, which frames the office buildings in the center of the plot. In the northwest corner of the site is located the so-called Skylight Tower, set back from the Stephanstrasse, the 63 meter high building is like the landmark for this development. Containing 40 fully furnished luxury apartments, and disposing over a doorman service, glass elevators and roof terrace, the distinctive tower was intended to convince the Frankfurt population of the advantages of living in a high-rise building. On the ground floor of the right adjoining office volume, which is connected by bridges to the high-rise building, there are several dining options, shops and a fitness center. The mixture of living, working and leisure activities was envisoned to contribute to a revival of the district also in the evening hours.