Sergison Bates - United Kingdom

The architectural office Sergison Bates was established in 1996 by Jonathan Sergison and Stephen Bates. Today Sergison Bates Architects is considered to be one of the leading architectural practices in United Kingdom. The office is active in several fields of architecture and urban design and is involved in a wide range of projects of different scales in the United Kingdom and Europe. The work of the architectural office has been extensively published and won several awards. Both Jonathan Sergison and Stephen Bates are teaching architecture in United Kingodm and abroad. As a consequence of the growing international commissions, Sergison Bates established a second office in Zurich in September 2010.

The designs by Sergison Bates are informed by a sensitive approach to the place and the experimentation with materials and construction. Their passion for the atmospheric characteristics of buildings and their fondness for the discipline of construction is visible in the realized works. Sergison Bates are concerned with the environmental, social and economical aspects of sustainability, with the ambition to create an architecture which is rooted in its contemporary context. The academic work of Jonathan Sergison and Stephen Bates are a clear sign for the committment to a research-based architectural approach. Additionally they participate in international competitions and juries.

1999 - 2002  Urban Housing Shepardess Walk - London
2004 - 2011  Public Library - Blankenberge
2004 - 2011  Care Home - Huise-Zingem
2006 - 2011  Urban Housing and Creche - Geneva

2009 - 2012  Office Building Rathbone Place - London