László  Földes - Hungary
Ferenc-Toldy Gymnasium
Donáti Utca 28, Budapest

The Ferenc Toldy High School is named after a physician and literary historian, and is one of the most prestigious educational establishments in Budapest.
With a neo-Gothic brick building from 1859, the school has an impressive main building, which can be viewed in particular from the Donáti Utca.
At the lowest edge of the steeply sloping school terrain, there is located a second brick construction, containing the gym. This building was designed by László Földes,
and contrasts with
the mentioned historicist school building due to its rational minimalist architectural language. The road course is accompanied by a narrow and tall volume.
This tract contains the changing rooms and teacher's rooms. An access zone, that can be used as a spectators stand, conveys to the lowered gym, which is built into the hillside.
 The space of the gym gets daylight from the north through the grassed shed roof. The interior is marked by the three predominant materials brick, wood and concrete.
The supporting structure is made of concrete, the balustrades, handrails and window frames are made of light wood, while the brick walls form the space-defining slabs.
On the exterior, the brick walls follow the topography and connect to the older brick building.