Béla Lajta

Béla Lajta (23.01.1873 - 12.10.1920) was a hungarian architect. He studied architecture until 1896 at the Technical University of Budapest with Imre Steindl and Alajos Hauszmann.
With a travel grant he went to Rome and other European cities
for one and a half years. He completed his training at the offices of various renowned architects.
In Berlin with Alfred Messel and Ernst von Ihne, in Helsinki with Eliel Saarinen and in London with Richard Norman Shaw. After that he returned to Budapest.
In 1899 he won the competition for the design of a synagogue in Lipótváros, however, the building was never realized. Later he allso collaborated with the famous
hungarian architect Ödon Lechner.

1909 Uj Színház (New Theater) - Budapest