Emilio Lancia - Italy

Considered as one of the greatest exponents of the italien "Novecento" style, the architect Emilio Lancia (1890-1973) was born into a wealthy family in Milan.
He attended to the well known Manzoni school, before studiying architecture. At the outbreak of world war he attended the Military Academy in Turin,
where he met Gio Ponti. As a consequence of the war activities, he made knowledge of the architects Giovanni Muzio nad Mino Fiocchi. After the war,
Emilio Lancia finished his studies and later founded an office together with Muzio and Fiocchi. After several projects, he began to work continously with Gio Ponti.
In his work, Emilio Lancia tried to reconcile the rational elements with the traditional and monumenta - with the aim for a lasting architecture.

1933 - 1936  Casa Torre Rasini - Milano