Vico Magistretti - Italy

As son of the milanese architect Pier Giulio Magistretti, Vico Magistretti (1920-2006) started studying at the Milan Poytecnico in 1939. Four years later, in 1943,
he emigrated to Switzerland. He continued his studies in Lausanne, where he met Ernesto Nathan Rogers - the eleven years older architect of the BBPR office.
Rogers had an important influence on Magistretti's professional development. In 1945 Vico Magistretti returned to Milan and graduated at the Milan Politecnico.
At the beginning of the 1950s, Vico Magistretti workend on numerous social residential projects, just for the INA-Casa project he worked on ten buildings.
In 1959 Magistretti belonged to the italian delegation at the CIAM XI in Otterlo, together with Giancarlo de Carlo, Ignazio Gardella and Ernesto Nathan Rogers.
As an architect Vico Magistretti was some kind of an undogmatic rationalist who tried to achieve a balance between modernity and remambrance.
From the 1960s on Vico Magistretti started to work as an industrial designer, his designs were produced by well known companys.

1953 - 1956  Apartment Building Torre al Parco, Milano
1964 - 1965  Apartment Building Piazzale Aquileia, Milano