Luigi Moretti - Italy

Luigi Walter Moretti (02.01.1907-14.07.1973), born in Rome, is the son Giuseppina Moretti and the belgian architect Luigi Rolland. Luigi Moretti studied architecture
at the University of Rome from 1925 to 1930 and graduetad with best marks. Already as a student, Luigi Moretti opened an architectural office via Panisperna in Rome.
When only 26 years old, Luigi Moretti designed the Casa del Balilla in Rome - a building showing his sense for composition and the sculptural forming of space.
Nearly at the same time he designed other buildings for the fascistic youth.
For the time between 1942 and 1946 exist different biographic informations.
As a consequence of a car accident or of battelfield injuries he spent some time in hospital.
After the liberation of Italy in 1945, Luigi Moretti was imprisioned for a few months in Milan because of attempting the new foundation of a political party.
In the post war years, Luigi Moretti is one of just a few architects, who were abel to realize important buildings in Rome and Milan.
Luigi Moretti founded the magazin Spazio in 1950, which he headed until 1953. During this time appeared 7 editions. Spazio was created in the ambition to be an
important forum for the collaboration of architects and artists.

1949 - 1956  Apartment and Office Building Corso Italia, Milano