Giuseppe Terragni - Italy
Casa Ghiringhelli
Piazzale Lagosta 2, Milano
1933 - 1935

This project was commissioned by the Ghiringhelli brothers to the Architects Giuseppe Terragni and Pietro Lingeri as a real estate investment and family home.
The building contains four commercial units on the ground floor, twenty-four rental apartments and a seven room apartment with artists atelier for the propretior,
the painter Virginio Ghiringhelli. This generous apartment is located on the eigth floor, and marks the building termination. The base of the building is marked by
the recessed ground floor with rounded corners, which is clad in Black Serpentine stone. The buildings's sides, with the introduction of protruding balconies,
are in contrast with the front fašade, which appears as a three-dimensional non-figurative painting. This interpretation is related to the bonds's with abstract art
of the proprietor. In the atrium of the building are frescoes by Virginio Ghiringhelli and sculptures by Lucio Fontana. The recess of the top floor allows the creation
of a "villa" on the roof with hanging gardens, terraces and balcony, without altering or disturbing the rhythm of the fašade. The artist Virginio Ghiringhelli was
regarded as a an intelligent man who was working with simplicity and transparency. His atelier is designed accordingly with vast surfaces made of glass.