Giuseppe Terragni - Italy
Casa Toninello
Via Perasto 3, Milano
1933 - 1935

This building is the smallest house realized by Giuseppe Terragni and Pietro Lingeri in Milan, and the only one which is located between other habitations.
Making part of a closed but heterogenous streetfront, this building features a building width of only twelve meters. The plot has a particular elongated conformation.
This condition led the architects to design two seperate bodies. The higer volume has five stories and borders the street, while a four-story volume is located at
the back of the courtyard. Between the two volumes are located the stairways and covered service hallways for the lodgers. This building shares some evident similarities
with the Rustici and Ghiringhelli houses: The recessed ground floor is clad with Black Serpentine stone and there is a recessed penthouse floor containing the proprietor's flat.
Dominant features of this building are the central bow-window motif with strip windows, and the cornice extending the lateral walls and frames the various elements.