Kisho Kurokawa

After studying architecture in Kyoto and Tokyo, Kisho Kurokawa (08.04.1934 - 12.10.2007) became a a co-founder of the Metabolism Movement in Japan, when he was 26 years old.
His companions included Kiyonori Kikutake, Fumihiko Maki, Sachio Otaka and Noboin Kawazoe. The Metabilismus movement pursued the idea to transfer the life cycle of
birth and growth into urban planning and architecture. In this regard it was certainly important, that Kiso Kurokawa worked as a student with Kenzo Tange, where the traditional
Japanese architecture was associated with western patterns of thought. In 1961 Kisho Kurokawa founded his own office and dealt in particular with high-tech components and
prefabrication processes. In 1964 Kurokawa received his doctorate at the University of Tokyo. He was a professor at the International Academy of Architecture in Sofia.

According to the Metabolists buildings and cities must be able to adapt
flexibly to the changing needs of users. In the famous Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo from 1970
residential capsules were mounted on a tower. Mega structures also influenced the designs of the Floating City in Kasumigaura and the Expo Pavilion 1970 in Osaka.
In his book "The Philosophy of Symbiosis" Kurokawa later developed a new theory. It is about overcoming of opposites such as architecture-nature or private-public.

Among the many well-known projects and buildings in Japan are worth mentioning in particular, the Ethnological Museum and the Bunraku Theater in Tokyo,
the Art Museums in Hiroshima, Wakayama and in his hometown of Nagoya. In recent years arose the Ehime Science Museum, a conference in Osaka, as well as
sports stadiums in Oita and Toyota. In 2005, the National Gallery in Tokyo, designed by Kisho Kurokawa, was opened. Among the international activities particularly
worth of mentioning are the reconstruction of the Japanese Embassy in Berlin, the Chinese-Japanese Youth Center in Beijing, the Central Building in Melbourne,
the Pacific Tower in Paris, the Kuala Lumpur Airport and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The latest works by Kisho Kurokawa where designs for the Chinese
new towns and Zhengzhou Zhengdong.

1972 Nakagin Capsule Tower - Tokyo