Neutelings Riedijk - Netherlands

The two free-standing, tower-like office buildings are among the best-known designs of the Dutch architect Frans van Gool and are located in the immediate vicinity of the Rijksmuseum. In their size, volumetry and contour, the buildings refer to the villas that had previously been on the site. The two buildings are located on the border between the canal zone and the 19th century districts. The two elegant office buildings with up to seven storeys have exposed brick facades. The façades are punctuated by a regular pattern of square windows without subdivision. The total of 312 windows with tinted panes are installed flush with the façade. In this way, the physical appearance of the buildings is emphasised. The controversial buildings became known in 1980 during the debate on the aesthetics of functionalist architecture. Local columnists were very negative about the buildings - only over the years had the criticism gradually subsided.
The Dutch architectural practice Neutelings Riedijk was founded in 1987 by architects Willem Jan Neutelings and Michiel Riedijk and is based in Rotterdam. In their earlier work, Neutelings Riedijk focused on housing and various functional buildings such as fire stations and office buildings. Around the turn of the millennium, the firm was able to establish itself as one of the leading international architecture offices, and increasingly received commissions for more complex public and commercial buildings. Among the architects' significant works is the Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp.

Das niederländische Architekturbüro Neutelings Riedijk wurde im Jahr 1987 von den Architelten Willem Jan Neutelings und Michiel Riedijk gegründet und hat seinen Sitz in Rotterdam. In ihren früheren Arbeiten beschäftigten sich Neutelings Riedijk insbesondre mit Wohnungsbau und verschiedenen Zweckbauten wie Feuerwachen und Bürogebäuden. Das Büro konnte sich um die Jahrtausendwende als eines der führenden internationalen Büros etablieren, und erhielt zunehmend Aufträge für komplexere, öffentliche und kommerzielle Gebäude. Zu den bedeutenden Werken der Architekten gehört das Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerpen.

1993 - 1998  IJ-Toren, Amsterdam