Geir Grung - Norway

Geir Grung (23.12.1926 - 16.03.1989) was a modern Norwegian architect. Son of the functionalist architect Leif Grung, Geir Grung was considered to be a representative of a powerfal and expressive modernism. When he moved from Bergen to Oslo in the early years of his career to get a supplementary education, he becam inspired by his tutor Arne Korsmo. Along with Sverre Fehn, Christian Norberg-Schulz and other Norwegian architects, Geir Grung belonged to the founding members of the so-called PAGON in 1950.
PAGON was the Norwegian branch of the CIAM and had a profound influence, creating an architecture rooted in the modern movement, but expressing their own region in terms of materials and architectural language. With several buildings in exposed concrete such as the bread factory in Bergen and the Hydropower plan in Suldal, Geir Grung became best known as an industrial architect.

1952 - 1955 - ěkern Aldersjem