Alfons Barth and Hans Zaugg - Switzerland

Barth & Zaugg was the joint office of the two architects Alfons Barth (1913-2003) and Hans Zaugg (1913-1990).
The architectural firm was based in the cantonal capital Aarau, and existend in this form more or less from 1942 onwards.
Both architects also had their individual offices, Barth in Schönenwerd and Zaugg in Olten.
Alfons Barth and Hans Zaugg are regarded as important representatives of the so-called "Solothurn School".
The cooperation between the two architects began with the revision of a competition proposal for the Central Library Solothurn.
Hans Zaugg won a first prize in this competition
ex aequo with works by Hans Bracher and Werner Studer.
For the second stage of the competition, he joined forces with Alfons Barth.
Later, the two architects worked a variety of competitions and from the mid-1940s they realized several buildings,
which resulted from these competitions projects. These was mainly school buildings, which were usually designed in the style of a moderate modernism.

1961 - 1963  School Building Scheibenschachen - Aarau
1966 - 1968  Abdication Hall - Aarau