Baumann Roserens - Switzerland

Lorenz Baumann (born in 1968) and Alain Roserens (born in 1967) are working together in their joint architectural office since 1998.
Both of them graduated from the ETH Zürich under Professor Flora Ruchat in 1994 respectively 1996.
In the years 2000 - 2001 they worked together with Aldo Buffoni. Their office is well known for several successes in architectural competitions.
One of their competition successes, developed during the period in collaboration with Aldo Buffoni, was for the extension of the St. Gallen Art Museum.
Unfortunately, the realization of this project was prevented by a plebiscite, impeding the public credit which would have been necessary for the construction.
With the realization of the the tramway stop Limmatplatz in the city of Zurich, which consists of two large rounded canopys, the got far reaching recognition.

2003 - 2008  Apartment and Commercial Building A-Park - Zürich