Bétrix & Consolascio - Switzerland
Pfizer Office Building
Schärenmoosstrasse 99, Zürich
2001 - 2003

The Swiss headquarters of the Pfizer company at the Schärenmoosstrasse disposes of a floor space of about 6,000 square meters.
 It is considered to be a rare example of a successful corporate architecture. After elaborating a study, which was commissioned in 2001,
the architects
Bétrix & Consolascio received the commission for the realization. The building was errected in the years 2002-03 in the north of Zurich.

The design features a simple but structured plan. A massive concrete core in the middle of the building is surrounded by a freely divisible space.
Externally the building is enclosed by a multi-layered glass facade. The increased demands on the indoor climate were met with technical measurements
suchs as a hygienically necessary air exchange in combination with cooling ceilings. The amount of energy required is minimized with the help of
dynamic building simulations which helped to optimize the system components.

The entrance and street façade on the south side of the building differs largely from the other facades.
The vertical structure of the stepped facade and the staggering of the loggias give the building a unique sculptural effect.
The side facades are composed of transparent and translucent glass having a shed pattern.