Roger Boltshauser - Switzerland
Refurbishment School Building Kronenwiese
Schulhausplatz, Adliswil

The school complex was built in 1948 by Heinrich Müller in the Landi style. Together with the expansive schoolyard, landscaped by Gustav Ammann,
it constitutes the symbolic center Adliswils. The quality of the ensemble, which is under monument protection, is mainly due to the careful detailing.
The adjustments to existing buildings, which became necessary due to the contemporary school system, therefore required a respectful approach to this ensemble.
The Boltshauser Architekten had to deal with a new layout of the rooms, interventions into the facade and renewing installations.
The main focus of the design was on a balanced
relationship between old and new, and resulted in a strategy of restrained interventions. The dimensioning of the elements and the materialization are following
the principle of respectful, but readable supplement. The components of the spatially weakly developed reception area, located on the angle between the schoolhouse
and the gym undergoes a powerful amplification. An expressive recreation hall roof with seven massive glass brick domes, which is supported by four conical pillars,
offers new opportunities for school life as the outer foyer and meeting place.