Roger Boltshauser - Switzerland
Reorganisation and Extension Town Hall
Poststrasse 26 - 30, St.Gallen

The town hall of the city of St. Gallen had been built in 1976 by the architects Custer Hochstrasser Bleiker. The renovation of the building, which was completed in 2007,
was led by Roger Boltshauser, who pursued the strategy of superficially inconspicous interventions. Nevertheless the renovation achieved a changed appearance
of the building, as well as an improved usability. A subtle refinement of the facade as well as a few volumetric displacements result in substantial effect in
the interior spaces as well as in the urban appearance. Along with the greater ceiling height of the new top floor in the tower area the preceding T-profiles enhance
the vertical emphasis of the skyscraper. The new plasticity of the facade and the defused volumetrics in the area of the base construction result in a fine spatial
interconnection of the steel and glass building with its historic neighborhood, consisting mainly of stone constructions.
Inside, the public areas in the socle area were reorganized as clearly defined and space-figures. This space-figure spans the floorplans from fašade to fašade.
Despite higher density the new openness and flexibility of the office structures allow for contemporary administrative work and audience-friendly environment.