Diener & Diener - Switzerland
Apartment and Commercial Building
Greifengasse 23, Basel
1993 - 1996

Diener & Diener architects are pursuing different strategies with their designs. If the opportunity presents itself, they like to develop solitary buildings
which are able to give impetus to the reorganization of the urban environment. The building at the Greifengasse represents the opposite strategy.
The building fits exactly into the existing urban structure. This attitude is understood by Diener & Diener architects not as a compromise but as a
design approach of equivalent programmatic value. The building is discreetly integrated into the existing streetscape, showing proportions related
to the directly adjoining buildings. The elevation of the building is structured in an almost completely glazed base, a main body of three stories and an attic floor.
The exterior of the building is marked by dark exposed concrete and large windows.