Diener & Diener - Switzerland
Dorint Hotel Basel
Schönaustrasse 10, Basel
2000 - 2004

Shortly after the construction of an apartment building on the Schönaustrasse, Diener & Diener architects could errect the Dorint Hotel on the opposite side of the street in the years 2000 - 2004.
Like the building vis-a-vis the six-storey hotel building is inconspicously integrated in the street front and makes part of a perimeter block development.
The uniform repetition of the horizontal window with two frames is crucial for the plastered facade. Only on the ground floor different window dimensions were used.
The ground floor opens generously to the Schönaustrasse. Narrow rectangular windows and extensively glazed areas are used on the courtyard elevation.
In the courtyard of the perimeter block development there are located studio houses by Diener & Diener architects.