Diener & Diener - Switzerland
Mobimo Tower Zürich
Hotel and Apartment Building
Turbinenstrasse 18-20, Zürich
2002 - 2011

The Maag plant on the west side of Zurich was an industrial facility, where precision cogwheels and pumps were produced between 1931 and 1991.
When the indusrial activity disappeared successively from this area over the last decade of the twentieth century, the city received a unique opportunity
to expand towards the west.
Diener & Diener architects won the competition for a masterplan in 2000. This masterplan intended to maintain the 25 m
roofline for the general edification with the exception of a limited number of taller buildings in special positions. Only few of the executed buildings are
similar to the competition desing of the masterplan.

Diener & Diener architects had the opportunity to design one of the taller volumes. The so-called Mobimo Tower replaces a distribution centre of a supermarket chain.
The Mobimo Tower is considered to be the counterpart of the completely glazed Prime Tower by Gigon & Guyer architects. In contrast to this solitary high-rise building
near the bridge, the Mobimo Tower is a taller building integrated into the relationship of grouped low-rise buildings. The tewenty-four-story tower rises to a summit of 81 m.
Accordingt to the traditon of the formerly industrial fabric, the prism-shaped building has no front or back, so that the space flows around all five sides. With a terrace to
the south and a park area to the west, the building is set in attractive surroundings. The Tower is set firmly on the ground. The irregular pentagon plan results in different
proportions for the facades. Vertically, the Mobimo Tower is structured as a tripartite volume with a base shaft and capital. In this traditional Layout, the base consists of
three over-height floors. The windows of the base have exceptional dimension of up to 3 x 4 m. The whole building is clad with roughly sandblasted travertine,
lending the building its urban qualities.

The Tower  accomodates a luxury hotel and high-end residences above it. At the entrance level, the lobby is connected to a restaurant and the two ballrooms on the next floor.
On the third level are located a series of conference rooms and administrative offices. The middle section extends from the fourth to the fourteenth story. In this section the 300
hotel rooms and small suites are to be found. They look out onto the new urban quarter. The fourteenth floor is again of greater height and contains the master suites,
a gym and the wellness facilities. On the elevations the change in window size also marks the transition to the apartments, which are located from the fifeteenth floor upwards.
These high-end residences feature even larger windows than the hotel rooms below, allowing exceptional views with the Lake Zurich in the southeast and the Limmat Valle in the west.
The subtle design of the facades shows differen proportions between the stone segments and the openings, manifest of the stacked usages. Anodized Aluminium casings, with their
differentiated widths, articulate the different window sizes.