Diener & Diener - Switzerland
Novartis Campus Forum 3 - Basel
Fabrikstrasse 3, Basel
2002 - 2005

The Novartis Campus Forum 3 building by Diener & Diener was the first of many new buildings on the new Novartis Campus, which is based on a masterplan
by Vittorio Magnano Lampugnani. The Campus is constructed step by step on what was previously the Novartis pharmaceutical company's factory site.
Located at the northern edge of Basel and bordering French territory, the Campus features many new buildings designed by internationally renowned architects,
giving Novartis a sophisticated and cosmopolitan appearance. Many parameters of the buildings, including overall design approach and dimensions of the building,
are specified by the Masterplan. One of the dominant features are the arcades along the boulevard. Around the main square, where the Forum 3 building is located,
the facades are not regulated. As a consequence, the arcades of the Forum 3 building are column-free in contrast to most of the other buildings.

The Forum 3 building is located Next to the strictly controlled campus entrance and welcomes the visitors. The longitudinal volume of the building demarcates not only
the edge of a park, but also the frontage of the Novartis Campus. In this articulation, the building acts as a boundary. The exterior of the building is marked by a pictorial
facade consisting of numerous coloured glasses, superimposing the full-heigt double-glazed facade. This colourful pattern gives an exceptional visual expression to
the building. The appearance of the building is ambiguous and the facade is blurred by the many layers of glass. The unique construction is a three-dimensional
veil of glass that wraps the office building on all four sides. The effect of spatial depth and the blurring of the building edges is the result of the 20 cm distance between
the layers of glass. In the area of the 2 m wide loggias, the glass panes are kept in position by a special construction of paired vertical rods. Fifteen different hues
are employed, creating even more colors in the overlaying areas. Depending on the light, the facade varies between bright colours and tones of grey with silver reflections.
On this building, Diener & Diener architects collaborated with the artist Helmut Federle and the architect Gerold Wiederin.

Inside the building, specific zones of light are created by the variation of the fascade. Intense hues of glass are assigned to places where social activities occur,
for example around the staircases and the meeting rooms. The space which is immersed in the full spectrum of ligth has an atmosphere which encourages communication.
The interior spaces are arranged as a continuous sequence, while at the same time specific locations are given to the many required functions of the programme. On the ground floor,
the space expands into the square in front of the building. Large slinding windows open the tall ground floor to the main square. The foyer, a restaurant, seminar rooms and
a lounge are connected to this space.