Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin
Baumberger & Stegmeier
Apartment Buildings am Katzenbach IV
Katzenbachstrasse 90 - 180, Zürich
2009 - 2015

The housing complex "am Katzenbach IV" dates back to an architectural competition which was won in 2009 by Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin in cooperation with Baumberger & Stegmeier. The housing complex is located in the Zürich city district Seebach, which was designed according to the ideas of the garden city. During the postwar period, there shoud be developed settlements surrounded by green spaces in this area of Zürich. This idea was strongly supported by the then city architect A. H. Steiner, and is still evident today. A significant contribution to this condition is to be found in the generally permeable and highly greened outside spaces with beautiful view references and partial private gardens. This constellation contributes decisively to the fact that the district was able to preserve much of its original character. Although in some places the postwar constructions have been replaced by new buildings of larger dimensions, the nature of the urban structure will continue to be shaped by the typical narrow two and three-storey row houses of the postwar period. The conditions and the environment for the housing complex "am Katzenbach IV" are different from those of the previously built 3rd stage. Accordingly, the building of the two stages differ greatly. The building group "am Katzenbach IV" is located directly at the Katzenbach Park. The project developes a rhythmic sequence of amorphous volumes. The shape of the buildings is designed according to the principles for the interior layout. The result is an ensemble of organic expression, which strongly relates to the adjacent park. The buildings are mainly five-storey volumes, remaining lower than the treetops of the nearby park trees. The bent facades of the buildings impair their sizes, similar to the housing complex "am Katzenbach III". These kinks and the windows subdivide the facade into short vertical wall sections. These vertical wall sections of the facade are clad in dark glossy ceramic tiles. The exterior space is designed according to the idea of a maximum permeability. From the Katzenbachstrasse the access is made by a small square directly into the spacious entrance hall with greait ceiling hight. From there one gets into the stairwell, which opens onto the park or upwards to the sky. As a consequence of the amorphous shape of the buildings, all apartments have at least two, sometimes even three exposures. The plans of the apartments are designed with a flowing living - dining area. The private outdoor spaces are integrated into the building volume and are conceived as two-sided open "rooms".