Werner Frey - Switzerland

Werner Frey (27.06.1912-18.10.1989) was a Swiss architect, whose buildings helped the shape the modern post-war Zurich.
His work covers a wide range of residential, educational, commercial and industrial buildings in Zurich, Brugg and Winterthur.
Frey studied at the ETH Zurich from 1932 to 1937. He then worked in the office of Josef Schütz, before starting his own business in 1943.
At the beginning he led the office together with his partner Oskar Becherer, from 1949 onwards he led the office on his own.
Already the first realized design of the architectural office has been honored with the award for good buildings in the city of Zurich.
All in all Werner Frey received this award remarkable seven times. 1947-48 Werner Frey created the cinema Studio 4 together with the set designer Roman Clemens.
It surprised with the glamorous cinema portal, behind which emerges the plastically volume of the cinema within the foyer.
Today, the cinema is one of the most remarkable constructed witnesses of its time.

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